Undergraduate application information

Applying to East 15

Applying to East 15

Applying for an undergraduate course

Please read this information carefully before applying.

Information about our courses including entry requirements, fees and modules can be found on the individual course pages on the University of Essex website.. We suggest you review these before you start your application.


Applications for October 2023 entry are now closed. The information below is a guide for applicants looking to apply for October 2024 entry and will be updated over the next few weeks. Please enter your details here and we will be in touch to let you know when applications re-open.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or e-mail us.

The details

How to apply

Information about our courses including entry requirements, fees and modules can be found on the individual course pages on the University of Essex website. We suggest you review these before you start your application.


You will be able to list up to 2 course preferences on your East 15 application form. Your first course preference should be the course that you are most interested in. If there is another course that you are also interested in, add that as your 2nd course preference. You do not need to complete a second preference if you do not want to. East 15 will consider applicants for all courses, taking note of the applicants’ course preferences.

Step 1

Step 2

Complete either a UCAS or Direct Application form (see below for more details). Please do not complete both. If you have already done this and are applying for a course that requires an audition, go to Step 3 below for instructions on how to complete the East 15 Application form.


If you are only applying for BA Stage and Production Management or BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film) you do not need to do anything further. Following receipt of your UCAS or Direct Application form, you will receive an email from us inviting you to book an interview. There is no fee for attending an interview for these courses.

Step 3

For all undergraduate courses that require an audition: Prepare your video audition. You will need to include a URL link for your audition video before you can move to the next step as we cannot process your East 15 Application Form  without this.

Full details on what to prepare can be found on the Auditions page.

Step 4

Complete the East 15 Application Form. At this stage, you will be able to select up to two East 15 courses that are your preferred course choices. Your first preference should be the course that you would most like to be considered for. Only complete the other preference if there is another course that you would be particularly interested in should you not be successful in your first preference. 

We do automatically consider applicants for all our courses, taking into account the course preferences that you indicate.

Step 5

Pay the £15 Round 1 audition fee or upload a completed Audition Fee Waiver application form with your East 15 application.

Audition Fee: There are links to the payment form in audition section of the application form itself and in the confirmation email that you will receive when the form is submitted. Please do not pay the fee without submitting your East 15 application form first. Please note that this fee is non-refundable. See terms and conditions (.pdf).

Audition Fee Waiver: Please see the section below for more information on our Audition Fee Waiver. If you think you are eligible for this, you should follow the instructions and have your application form and supporting evidence ready before you complete the East 15 Application Form.

UCAS Course Codes  

If you are not intending to apply to any other universities or enter UCAS this year, you must first complete our Direct Application form (if you are applying to other institutions as well and already have a UCAS application, you cannot use our Direct Application form).


If you are already in UCAS, or intending to apply to other universities through UCAS, you should first add us as one of your choices and submit your UCAS application form. Please see below for the UCAS codes you will need. You only need to use one of your choices on your UCAS application as you will be able to add a second preference on your East 15 Application Form.

  • To complete your UCAS application you will need the following information:

    Institution Name: Essex
    Institution Code: E70
    Campus Code: L for Loughton; S for Southend

    Cert HE Theatre Arts - Campus Code: L or S  UCAS Code: W410

    BA Acting - Campus Code: L  UCAS Code: W411

    BA Acting (International) - Campus Code: L  UCAS Code: W83A

    BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre - Campus Code: L  UCAS Code: W441

    BA Stage and Production Management - Campus Code: L  UCAS Code: DKAS

    BA Acting and Community Theatre - Campus Code: S  UCAS Code W496

    BA Acting and Stage Combat - Campus Code: S  UCAS Code W412

    BA Acting and Physical Theatre - Campus Code: S  UCAS Code: W494

    BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film) - Campus Code: S  UCAS Code: W900

    BA World Performance - Campus Code: S  UCAS Code: W495

Once you have submitted either a UCAS or Direct Application form you will then need to follow the instructions in Step 3 above and prepare your audition. You will need your UCAS or Direct Application number and the URL link for your video audition when you go onto Step 4 and complete the East 15 Application Form

Audition Fee Waiver

We believe in fair access to training and therefore provide free auditions to applicants from low-income households.


To apply for a free audition, you must meet all of the following essential criteria:  

  • You are applying for undergraduate study.
  • You are considered a home student for fee status purposes.
  • You attended a state school.  

In addition to the above essential criteria, one of the following criteria must be met:

  • Income based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax support (not just the single person reduction)
  • Income-based Employment Support Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)
  • Pension credit (guaranteed element only) with an award notice showing annual gross household income of less than £25,000
  • Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit or Universal credit with an award notice showing annual gross household income of less than £25,000
  • Full-time carers allowance or proof that you are a young carer
  • You will be a care leaver when you begin your training.

re a young care

I meet the criteria, what's next?

  1. Please download and complete and save this form (.pdf).  
  2. Upload it with your East 15 Application Form along with your supporting evidence.

Supporting evidence may include:  

  • Confirmation of income-related benefit payments. This should show the recipient’s name, address and the amount of benefit awarded
  • Evidence that you are a care leaver. E.g. supporting letter from your case worker.

If you are awarded an audition fee waiver, your application and audition will be sent to the tutor for a decision.

If you are unsuccessful or we require further information from you to complete the assessment, we will contact you by email. If your Audition Fee Waiver is refused, you will be told the reason why and asked to pay the audition fee before your application can proceed any further. 

This form must be completed and submitted at the time of application. If you have any difficulty uploading your form or supporting evidence please email us.

Information for applicants requiring a Student Visa

Overseas applicants are likely to require a Student visa to study in the UK. If you think this applies to you, and you are offered a place following audition or interview, you may be required to provide the following documentation:

  • a copy of your passport
  • transcripts of your highest level of qualification showing the grades achieved
  • proof that you have undertaken an English language test (for example, IELTS with a score of 6.0 overall and a 5.5 minimum in each component) if English is not your first language

Further information about the documents you will need to provide will be sent to you by the Admissions Office at the University of Essex as part of your offer.

Information on immigration and visas can be found on the University of Essex website.

What's next?

All applicants are required to submit a video audition or participate in an interview.

Applicants may only apply and audition once in each academic year.

We strongly suggest you read our information about 
what to prepare for auditions thoroughly before applying. 

Audition or interview date 

Following submission of your application to East 15, you will receive confirmation that it has been received. If we require any further information from you, our Admissions Team will contact you by email. If you have applied for an auditioning course, our tutors will review your Round 1 video audition and we will notify you of the outcome. If you are successful, we will invite you to a Round 2 audition. If you have applied for an interviewing course only, we will be in touch as soon as possible following receipt of your application to arrange your interview.

Please read our audition guidance and the Audition Terms and Conditions (.pdf) for more details.

All correspondence from East 15 and admissions will be via email. Please ensure that you check your inbox regularly (we also recommend that you check junk/spam folders just in case your email provider filters our emails).


You should expect to hear from us via email within 10 working days of your application - at busy times (usually January to April), this might take longer. The outcome of your audition/interview will be one of the outcomes below:

Outcome Meaning
Round 1 video audition applicants
Progress to Round 2 audition/workshop You have been successful in the first stage of your application and will receive an invite to participate in a Round 2 audition/workshop. This may take place on campus, at a regional or international audition, or online. At your Round 2 audition, East 15 will consider you for all courses, taking note of your course preferences.
Unsuccessful You have not passed the Round 1 audition and we are not able to offer a place on any of our acting courses at East 15 Acting School. If you have also applied for one of our courses that requires an interview, we will contact you by email to ask if you are still interested and to set up an interview date.
Round 2 audition and interview applicants
Conditional Offer You have been successful at audition/interview and made an offer. If you applied through UCAS, they will inform you when a decision has been made on your application. You'll also receive information from us if we make you an offer. If you applied via our Direct Application form you will receive all the information you need from us if we make you an offer via your myEssex applicant portal

Your offer may be based on conditions, such as your exam results. All East 15 offers are conditional on paying the refundable £200 course deposit (refunds subject to Terms and Conditions for Course Deposit (.pdf)) by the deadline stated in your offer.

In some cases, we may ask for further information from you before we can process your offer. It is important that you respond as quickly as possible to any information requests. If you fail to provide requested information, you may lose your offer of a place at East 15 Acting School.
Wait List You are wait listed for one of our courses and we will contact you by email if a place becomes available on an appropriate course. There is no guarantee of an offer. Applicants to undergraduate programmes through UCAS will see a ‘rejection’ on their UCAS record – as we cannot record a wait list decision on UCAS. East 15 will hold them on the Wait List and bring the applicant back through UCAS if a place becomes available. Offers to Wait List applicants can be made at any time, up to the start of the course. You will also be told by email if we close our wait list and are not making any further offers.

Wait list offers are for the current point of entry only and cannot be deferred. If we are unable to make you an offer, you will need to re-apply in the next application cycle.
You have not been successful at audition/interview and we are not able to offer a place on any of our courses at East 15 Acting School.

If an applicant is offered a place on their first choice of course, they will not be considered for any other choices.  East 15 will consider applicants for all courses, taking note of the applicants’ course choices. You could therefore, be recalled and/or offered a place on a course that you have not applied for, but is one that our tutors feel would best suit your skills. If an alternative course is offered, then you have been unsuccessful in your application for your other course choices.


Receiving an offer

Successful applicants must submit a response to the University (accepting or declining the offer). If you applied through UCAS, once you've received a decision from all your choices, UCAS will ask you to accept one offer as your firm (first) choice and one offer as your insurance (second) choice. If you applied through our Direct Application form, you will need to follow the instructions provided in your offer letter to accept your offer.

UCAS Applicants only: East 15 Acting School is unable to keep places open for applicants who make us their Insurance choice and you should either make us your Firm choice or decline our offer.


Need a question answering about our audition process or preparation? Want to know the difference between some of our courses?

Find an answer on our FAQ page.