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Studying at East 15

We offer dynamic and unique courses for actors, directors, technical theatre specialists and students of theatre practice.

We carefully select, teach and train students from the UK and from over 26 countries worldwide. Training at East 15 draws upon 50 years of tradition combined with a keen sense of the world of stage and screen today. Our international teaching professionals are from all areas of live and recorded performance, allowing our graduates to work successfully across the globe.

Our courses

East 15 courses are designed to provide you with the skills and confidence to continually develop throughout your career.

Our undergraduate courses provide rigorous training for acting students at the start of their career.

Our masters courses are aimed at those who already have relevant experience in the industry.

Acting skills

Our training emphasises a balance between personal discovery, intuition and technical skills. The aim is to give you the basic awareness and confidence that will allow you to continue to learn and perfect your craft in the years to come.

Most of our courses contain bespoke skills modules, focusing on the following:


The main focus of the movement programme is to encourage confident, focussed, flexible, imaginative, physically expressive and truthful actors. The course is based on dynamic alignment (which may include Alexander, Authentic Movement, Bartenieff, Body Centring Experiential Anatomy and Pilates), characterisation techniques (including Laban, Grotowski, Lecoq and Chekhov-based work), dance (including jazz and ballet) and stage combat (resulting in a Foundation Certificate from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat).


Our voice teachers aim to equip you with the skills required to release your full vocal potential beyond the limits of “habit” voice. Our students combine emotional truth with theatrical energy using techniques derived from leading physical and vocal practitioners like Laban, Chekhov, Berry and Linklater.


Actors must have a good feel for music, even if they cannot sing a note. Our students learn to understand the rudiments of music and be able to approach a song with confidence and feeling. Students with musical theatre potential are encouraged further although the overall emphasis is on acting through song.


If you can play a musical instrument, you can develop that talent and there are numerous possibilities to play in ensembles for private and public performances at East 15. Although instrumental playing is not part of the assessment, actors who develop such skills certainly aid their marketability.


We introduce you to the techniques and disciplines of working with recorded media.

Preparation for the industry

Guest lectures and workshops, given by industry specialists, help prepare our students for the complexity of working in theatre, film, TV and related areas.