IF: The Summer After Dad Died & Iris

BA Acting (International)

  • Sat 26 Nov 22

    15:30 - 17:30

  • Corbett Theatre, Loughton

  • Event type

    Student Production

IF is an annual event dedicated to the staging of new work written, directed and performed by graduate year students on the BA Acting (International) course.

IF: The Summer After Dad Died & Iris

The Summer After Dad Died

Written by Sarah Majland

Directed by Casper Aagaard

Cast: Sarah Majland, Margrete Fossum, Boyan Petrov, Stratos Eleftheriou, Jasmina Strzelak

It is summer in Denmark, and the year is 1985. The country is in deep financial crisis, and the world seems to be offering nothing but bad news. Following the death of their father, three sisters and their families get together in their old family summer house for a week of vacation - but emotions run high, and it is hard not to slip into old patterns. Soon, the tension starts growing, and the warm summer air tightens as secrets and betrayal rise to the surface.

Content Warnings: Themes of Racism and Homophobia. Strong Language, Sexual references and Alcohol Usage.


Written by Zehra Shad

Directed by Milja Marttila

Cast: Chloe Winney, Luka Nešović, Marius Laiho, Mikko Liimatainen, Khushi Kishore

“Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse for some.”

Iris and Tino have lived inside the Fence their whole life. There they have everything they need; they fulfill their tasks every day, study the teachings of the Scripture, and fight to build their endurance. Only Roger, their father, can keep them safe from the dangers of the outside world. But for how long?

Content Warnings: Themes of abusive relationships, sexual abuse, child abuse, captivity and trauma. Physical, Verbal and Phycological Violence, Self-Harm, Strong Language.