Heart Break Hotel

MFA Acting (International)

Heart Break Hotel is a passionate play that dives headlong into exploring the relationship between two friends facing the inevitability of their last twenty-four hours together.

A new play by Paul Anthony Morris

Directed byAngela Ekaette Michaels

This performance takes place at The Bridewell Theatre, London.

Set over 24 hours, two friends check into a palatial end of life hotel. Martin, who has cancer, wants to control the exact timing of his death by accelerating it. Tyrone, his lifelong friend, must learn to let go by ignoring his instincts to intervene and prolong the life of his friend. In this fast moving, humorous, surreal play, the friends banter, reminisce, provoke and fight each other, as their worlds unexpectedly collide and collapse in ways that asks us to consider the truth of our contemporary experiences of life, death, friendship and immortality.

Heart Break Hotel

Content Warnings: topics of assisted suicide.




Nathan Trochet
Alma Ruut 
Kelvin Chan
Fèyi Wey 
Halona Harper 
Alyssa Jacobs
Victoria Williams
Jacob Meier