IF: 'Glasses, Tigerbalm and Other Things You Need when You Have a Water Leak' & 'Sobriety on the Rocks'

BA Acting (International)

  • Sat 27 Nov 21

    15:30 - 17:30

  • Corbett Theatre, Loughton

  • Event type

    Student Production

IF is an annual event dedicated to the staging of new work written, directed and performed by graduate year students on the BA Acting (International) course.

Glasses, Tigerbalm and Other Things You Need when You Have a Water Leak

Written by Anton Sehlstedt
Directed by Vilma Paananen

Erika Jansson (Alice)
Anton Sehlstedt (Jonathan)
Magdalena Mowinska (Alex)
Konstantin Beck (Noah)
Alberts Vecmanis (Rickard)

Content Warning: Sex, Violence, Profanity, Strobe lights

How much does unconditional love cost?
Tigerbalm Ingredients: 1 Blind Lawyer, 0 Walking Sticks, Too Many Demonized Souls, And Other Essential Oils.


Sobriety on the Rocks

Written by and starring Reene Buckland
Directed by Tadeas Moravec

Content Warning: Death, Suicide, Substance abuse, Abuse, Mental illness.

One woman, a grey goose bottle, teenage mutant ninja turtles and a lot of potential
Is alcoholism a disease or a choice? Or is it both? A battleground with one actor, four characters, and a drunk driving accident involving a teenage mutant ninja turtle watch. Can you help an alcoholic who doesn’t want to be helped?"