IF: 'Ms. Magics' & 'Myriad'

BA Acting (International)

  • Sat 27 Nov 21

    12:00 - 14:00

  • Corbett Theatre, Loughton

  • Event type

    Student Production

IF is an annual event dedicated to the staging of new work written, directed and performed by graduate year students on the BA Acting (International) course.

Ms. Magics

Written by Vilma Paananen
Directed by Vivian Tsitampani

Vilma Paananen (Bunny)
Magdalena Mowinska (Boo)
Tadeas Moravec (Guy)
Andrei Totolici (Charlie)
Robert Veng (Ron/Flo)
Erika Jansson (Boo's mom/Bunny's mom/Stella)
Natasha Chloe Biggs (Lamp)
Konstantin Beck (Bunny's Dad/Matt)

Content Warning: Nudity, Eating Disorders, Sex/Masturbation, Mental illness, Violence.

A play about magic, sex and all the terrors that you find under your bed when you hit your mid 20s.

Do you believe in magic? Boo and Bunny are two best friends. One is an award winning figure skater, the other has an award winning selection of sex toys. They both have the common problem that life has started to become a bit grey, the glitter has started to flake off… blame hitting your mid 20s. Will they be brave enough to find their way home


Written by Andrei Totolici
Directed by Robert Veng 

Konstantin Beck (Mr. Y)
Andrei Totolici (Mr. M)
Anton Sehlstedt (The Boy & The Man)
Katarina Fuller (Boss)

Content Warning: Mild profanity

'Every day we stock the shelves of our supermarket, but never have we had a single customer.'
In a certain supermarket, Mr. Y takes care of its myriad of products, never straying from the routine that’s kept everything in order since he started. Meanwhile, Mr. M guards the place against any potential threats. At least he’s supposed to, but they’ve never even had a single visitor...
It’s absurd. It’s meaningless. It’s boring. But Mr. Y disagrees, he sees lots of meaning in the work they do. 
And so, they argue again and again and again about a myriad of things and nothing at all."