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What we're doing about COVID-19


Updated: 6 November 2020

We are not going to let the pandemic stop you from succeeding in your studies. The world needs you now, more than ever; your ideas and talents, creativity and courage.

COVID-19 update
  • Following the Government's announcement of new nationwide restrictions for England, we are continuing to run studio-based teaching and rehearsals where possible and safe, taking account of government guidance, including social distancing as appropriate. We are also supporting on-site teaching with some remote learning and preparation to enable you to continue with your studies under the current government restrictions.
  • Whilst we continue to adapt to the situations we find ourselves in, our focus as a School is to ensure that we can deliver conservatoire training in a safe environment and therefore weekly voluntary Rapid Antigen swab testing continues to be offered on-site across both campuses.
  • We will continue to monitor the progress and effects of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and react accordingly to any developments that make our plans impossible to deliver. If we need to adjust our plans in light of changing circumstances, we will contact our students with updated information about this.


A statement from the Federation of Drama Schools 

Federation of Drama Schools Statement
The FDS is committed to being adaptive, innovative and agile as we face the uncertainties of the time ahead and positive in pursuit of successfully navigating this pandemic as a sector united in the common pursuit of creativity, community and excellence. 
Federation of Drama Schools COVID-19 Statement - 8th April 2020

FDS COVID-19 Statement

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East 15 Acting School is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools (FDS) which represents twenty of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of professional conservatoire performance and technical training. 


As a community of artists, creators, and innovators, we have come together during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide support, guidance, reassurance and inspiration to our students, staff, graduates, alumni, colleagues and friends within the creative industries. 

The scale and impact of the coronavirus crisis has been significant upon our sector and related industries, which holds dear the ethos of embodied practice and the necessity of physical interaction in pursuit of understanding and celebrating the human condition. Whilst we are unable to determine the duration of the outbreak we are united in meeting the societal and educational challenges we collectively face with a shared determination and limitless imagination.

Download the full statement regarding the FDS response to COVID-19. 


Visit the Federation of Drama Schools website for more information.


Information for our current students, applicants and staff

Guidance for current students can be found on the University of Essex website via the button below.

Guidance for new applicants can be found on the University of Essex website via the button below. 

You can also find specific information for new East 15 students here and learn more about what learning and assessment looks like under the current COVID-19 restrictions at the bottom of this page. 

Guidance for staff can be found on the University of Essex website via the button below. 


Learning and assessment during the pandemic


We understand that you will have a lot of questions about what learning and assessment looks like under the current COVID-19 restrictions, so our team has provided some questions and answers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries.


How will I be taught and assessed? And how is this approach different to what would have been delivered previously?

Teaching comes in various styles at East 15: workshops, supervised rehearsals, skills classes, coaching, lectures, seminars, tutorials; assessment will be continuous and based on satisfactory participation in sessions, performances, portfolios, single and group presentations.


Our successful third term of 2019-20, when due to government guidelines face-to-face teaching had to be suspended, we found for some, teaching the face-to-face experience can be supplemented with effective online techniques that enhance the learning experience and respond to our changing industry. Our ‘Summer Season’ moved online, and students creatively embraced all medias, including film, audio, animation, digital performance and even Minecraft!


This year, group sizes may be smaller, some exercises can be viewed online, alternating with studio time, however the learning experience for our students will remain practically orientated. The bulk of the teaching will still be studio-based, with student bubbles created to enable performance. We have set aside additional weeks for taught classes in the 2020-21 calendar year that will allow us greater flexibility in delivering teaching under social distancing guide-lines.

What are some of the benefits of these changes for me?

Students will be able to safely access practical and vocational training with changes that effectively mirror what is happening in the industry as it adapts to the challenges of Covid-19. Students will now leave with more technical and creative skills enabling them to make work online and thrive in circumstances where the immediate prospects for live performance are compromised. You will leave East 15 with a greater volume and higher quality of digital footage to support your self-promotion and employability. The use of smaller groups offer more personalised learning and the live-streaming of student productions allows work to be seen by a wider audience than in a theatre building. Fundamentally, your training will instil the flexibility and resilience required for drama practitioners in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world. 

How will the quality of education be guaranteed?

The retention of studio driven learning maintains quality of learning and all of the education will be delivered by our experienced teaching staff and a high proportion of freelance professionals who are currently active in the industry.


If adjustments to the amount of face-to-face teaching are required in light of changing circumstances, we now have tried and tested strategies to ensure that a dynamic range of classes can continue and learning outcomes can be fulfilled through online provision. Additionally, our new structure of term dates builds in the capacity to reschedule key activity to other points in the year if face-to-face teaching has to be temporarily suspended. All of our training provision is discussed and reviewed by external examiners who are similarly established educators at other universities and drama schools and/or active drama practitioners pursuing successful professional careers and we will continue to receive regular feedback from our students to ensure that we maintain high standards that we are known for around the world.

Are there any significant changes to course structure and availability of modules?

Students at East 15 follow a set of core modules for each course, and all modules to complete your studies are on offer in this current year. Overall course structures remain intact with minor adjustments, and we are ready to flex the timing of these if it is possible to benefit from any future relaxation of social distancing measures while keeping you safe. Any changes or alterations that have been made to courses are the result of our constant process of reviewing provision to ensure industry relevance and to take account of student feedback.

Safety first

Below are some of the strategies and measures we have introduced for the coming term to allow as much of our teaching as possible to be face-to-face:

  • Extension to the usual term dates and using evening sessions to teach our standard hours of delivery which allows for reduced numbers in studios 
  • Staggered start times to control movement around our Campuses 
  • Creation of student “bubbles” to enhance performance and learning opportunities in smaller groups 
  • Opportunities for staff to teach remotely while students work as a bubble in a studio space 
  • Enabling the live-streaming of performances from our theatres 
  • Offering, where effective, a limited number of hours of on-line teaching for relevant subjects 
  • Running some outdoor classes  
  • Rescheduling those activities most reliant on physical interaction to the latter end of the academic year 
  • Most submissions of written work will be online, reducing the need to handle printed hard copies
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation of studios and common areas, and increased hand sanitising stations
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