East 15 MFA Acting International

  • Sat 12 Jun 21

    14:30 - 17:30

  • London

    Bridewell Theatre

  • Event type

    Schools Performance

Are we driven by our will or our genes? Nick Payne’s play INCOGNITO shimmies between three interlocking stories, leapfrogging time and space in a riveting exploration of what it means to be human.

Written by Nick Payne

Directed by Tony Graham

Assisted by Patrick Kibbie

Please note this performance is not open for public booking.

Henry finds it hard to remember anything, including his wife, from one minute to the next. Martha, a neuro-psychologist is changing the way she lives...and loves. Harvey has Einstein’s brain in the boot of his car. He wants to know what makes it special. These three stories form the backbone of a fast-moving play that criss-crosses time and space and asks why we behave the way we do. Eight actors play over twenty characters who have everything and nothing in common. As we get closer to the play’s surprising revelations, are we any nearer to solving the puzzle of what it means to be human?