3 Minutes Dead Silence: 7.30pm

Join us for a performance on 'An American Education.' A Headphone Verbatim Show by East 15.

An American Education.

A Headphone Verbatim Show by East 15.

Written by | Kristine Landon-Smith, Neela Doležalová & The Company

Directed by | Kristine Landon-Smith

3 Minutes Dead Silence is a headphone verbatim performance that shines a light on the realities and experiences of an American education. Actors wearing headphones share first-hand testimonies of the American classroom across the generations. From air-raids to earthquake drills to active shooter drills, British audiences will be transported into a world where a police presence on campus is the norm. A world where faith, hope, promise and trauma sit side-by-side. 


Time: 7.30pm

Running time: 60 minutes

Watch the performance

Download the programme (.pdf)

An accessible version of our programme can be made available upon request to east15@essex.ac.uk