IF: 'Utopia Found at the Bottom of my Glass' & 'Vulture'

BA Acting (International)

  • Sat 27 Nov 21

    19:30 - 21:00

  • Corbett Theatre, Loughton

  • Event type

    Student Production

IF is an annual event dedicated to the staging of new work written, directed and performed by graduate year students on the BA Acting (International) course.

Utopia Found at the Bottom of my Glass

Written by Vivian Tsitampani
Directed by Katarina Fuller

Vivian Tsitampani (Max)
Erika Jansson (Izzy)
Vilma Paananen (Ocean)

Content Warning: Alcohol use

'We're having a great time after all, right?'
The world is going to hell. If we know one thing, it’s that. So let’s raise our glasses to ignorance and enjoy it while it  lasts… But why do we still care? Or do we? Should we care? And what’s the point in the first place? Utopia Found at the Bottom of my Glass looks at questions of meaning and identity in a world where our construct of morality and civic responsibility has become increasingly hazy.



Written by Katarina Fuller
Directed by Anton Sehlstedt

Katarina Fuller (Vanessa)
Alberts Vecmanis (Chad)
Robert Veng (James)
Magdalena Mowinska (Jessica)

Content Warning: Rape, Abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual), Self-injurious behaviour, Death, Patial nudity, Weapons

A dark and gritty relationship drama 

Chad is living the American Dream: A Costco membership, his own photo studio that his mom bought him, a well structured life and soon to be married. It all looks great, on paper. However, an unexpected visit from an old friend dredges up an ugly past that has yet to be dealt with. "